Time to Revamp Your Health? Consider a Health Consult

woman-happyIf you are struggling with any health issues or simply want to revitalize your health, we invite you to consult with one of Village Green’s health experts. Our highly trained team of advisors includes Naturopathic doctors, Herbalists, Nutritionists, and Nutrition Coaches. Available both in person or over the phone, our wellness advisors will work with you to create an individual health plan that encourages and supports your goals for improved health and well-being. During your health consult, you will receive personal guidance on a supplement program that is right for you, as well as recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your health. And, our advisors always check for drug/nutrient interactions or depletions.

Our team can also recommend specialty testing such as food sensitivity panels, adrenal testing, micronutrient testing, sex hormone testing, comprehensive thyroid panels, genetic testing, as well as heavy metal testing. Continue reading “Time to Revamp Your Health? Consider a Health Consult”

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Sunday Radio Show: Lipoprotein Test for Heart Health

Join us this Sunday as Dana Laake and her special guest Jan M. Troup, Ph.D., discuss LPP, an advanced lipoprotein test for better cardiovascular risk assessment.

Jan M. Troup has over 30 years experience in the development of new analytical technology. He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Texas A&M University in 1974. In 2001 Dr. Troup started LipidLabs, Inc. and developed the Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP), the most advanced test for the separation of lipoproteins and measurement of lipoprotein particle numbers. LipidLabs was purchased by SpectraCell Laboratories in January 2006 and Dr. Troup is now the Director of Lipid Science at SpectraCell Laboratories.

Tune in this Sunday from 10-11am on 1500 AM (WFED) or listen live on the web. Our shows are streamed everywhere.

Last week’s show was on STRESS — natural supplements to support stress relief and help boost energy and focus… even without caffeine! Click to listen.

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Discount Prices for Micronutrient & Cardiovascular Testing – Limited Time!

Two of SpectraCell’s most popular tests, their micronutrient test and their comprehensive cardiovascular test, are now available through Village Green at special rates for a limited time. If you have health insurance, the micronutrient test will be $88 (originally $170) and the cardiovascular test will be $30 (originally $80). Because both of these tests require a blood draw, we will be providing a phlebotomist onsite, free of charge, on Fridays from 10-1 pm (with 24-hour notice – see below). If you are interested in this testing but do not live locally in our area, we can ship the test kits to you and provide you with blood draw sites.

If you aren’t familiar with these unique tests, here is a brief overview.  Continue reading “Discount Prices for Micronutrient & Cardiovascular Testing – Limited Time!”

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Getting to the Root Cause

Sometimes it is easy to know what is going on in your body. When the pollen count is high, you know that’s why you find yourself sniffling and sneezing. Or, you know that when you give in to your sweet tooth and have ice cream, even though you are lactose intolerant, that is why your digestive system is off the next day. But sometimes complex symptoms arise and it is not so easy to determine exactly what is going on. For example, fatigue, depression, pain, or insomnia can all be quite challenging to understand. Rather than trying to guess what your body is trying to tell you, I think that it is very helpful to talk with a health expert who can provide valuable insights into what may be the root cause of your symptoms.

Beyond working with a skilled practitioner, I also highly encourage various types of diagnostic testing. It is so easy (and yes, very affordable) to check the status of hormone levels, neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, etc.), stress markers (cortisol and DHEA), and melatonin levels in the privacy and convenience of your own home. You simply collect urine and saliva samples as directed by the test instructions and send them off to the lab in the prepaid box. Continue reading “Getting to the Root Cause”

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