How to Change Up Your Boring Fitness Routine, Get Noticeable Results

reading-at-gym-aIf you find that you have a boring fitness routine, here’s how you can easily change things up – and get noticeable results!

Your Boring Running Routine

If your running has become routine and boring – try changing the route you take. Something as simple as a change of scenery can be so inspiring! Throw in some sprints, run with a fitness friend or even use different music from your playlists for different days of the week. It’s all about keeping it interesting, and with just a few changes, your workout can be a lot more fun and motivating.

The Chip Clip Trick

You can even change up the experience by taking your running routine indoors. Use the time to watch your favorite shows or movies – even read using the “chip clip trick.” To use the chip clip trick, just put your book or magazine on the reading rack of your cardio machine (you can also get Lucite reading racks that fit right over the front of your machine). Next, put a chip clip (you know, those big plastic clips made for keeping chip bags closed, or binder clips that you can find in an office supply store) on the left and right pages of your book. Continue reading “How to Change Up Your Boring Fitness Routine, Get Noticeable Results”

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6 Tips for Consistency – The Key to Exercise Success

walking-challengeIf you’re not seeing the kind of results you want from your workouts and you’re frustrated over trying to find the right fitness routine, the following six tips are just for you!

First, you should know that the problem may not be with your fitness program. You may be doing all of the right exercises – just not consistently – and consistency is the key to:

– Exercise success
– Making exercise a lifelong habit
– Getting noticeable results

Here are six tips for consistency and seeing a real difference in your workouts.

1. Exercise in the morning. Otherwise, tasks, chores, responsibilities and fatigue can knock the plan to exercise right off your list of priorities. If you commit to exercising in the morning, you’ll have fewer distractions and will be more consistent at getting your workout in for the day.

Not a morning person? Many of us aren’t. Try making your bedtime earlier (so you’re not skimping on your sleep) and just set the alarm to get up 15-30 minutes earlier the first day. Then exercise a “no snooze button” rule, slowly get out of bed and before you leave your bedroom, put on your workout clothes. This can be a great “mental push” to get your workout in and chances are better that you won’t change your mind or get sidetracked.

2. Have a plan to prevent boredom. You know how you can get bored with the same old routine? Well, so does your body. If you stay with the same exercise routine, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get through it – so you won’t see the results you’re hoping for. Here’s how to be consistent, not boring:  Continue reading “6 Tips for Consistency – The Key to Exercise Success”

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High Intensity Interval Training Part 2: A Huge Fitness Hit For Busy Moms

hiit 2In last week’s post we talked about what HIIT is (High Intensity Interval Training) and offered simple ways to create your own personalized HIIT routine. Here are the many benefits a HIIT routine can provide, giving you even more reason to try it.

Efficiency. YES, you can benefit your body in 20 minutes rather than 45 minutes to an hour! Research shows 15-20 minutes of HIIT can help you better achieve your weight and fitness goals than 1 hour on the treadmill or elliptical.

Increased fat burned. The body better oxidizes fats during a HIIT routine. Hyper-exertion stimulates hyper-repair; which means you can burn more fat and calories in the whole day after a HIIT session than you could after a steady-paced cardio session. This is great news for new moms! When we’ve added excess pounds to our pregnancy weight gain, we’re often left with some extra “souvenirs” from our pregnancy, in the form of a few (or many) extra pounds to lose. To lose post-baby-weight and burn fat, HIIT is truly a win-win!  Continue reading “High Intensity Interval Training Part 2: A Huge Fitness Hit For Busy Moms”

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Clean Out Your Cabinets, Lose Weight: How Your Environment Can Be Your Best Defense Against Overeating

You’ve heard it before: make eating right a no-brainer. Keep junk food out of the house and fill your kitchen with easy-to-eat healthy options. But it’s very tempting to keep just a few favorite snacks on hand. You know how to manage your cravings, right? You can eat just one, right? Perhaps not. Recent research published in the journal PLOS ONE shows that overindulging may be in your genes. But even if you are predisposed to overeating, you can do something about it!

In the study conducted by Professor Lesley Campbell, Director of Diabetes Services at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Dr. Arthur Jenkins from the University of Wollongong, data from 300 healthy individuals with a family history of type 2 diabetes –  the type associated with high sugar, high fat diets –  was evaluated. Researchers found that many different defects in overweight and obesity genes were at play in these individuals. And these defects account for about 95% of issues with excessive weight gain.  Continue reading “Clean Out Your Cabinets, Lose Weight: How Your Environment Can Be Your Best Defense Against Overeating”

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Achieve Your Goals Through the Power of Routine

There are certain behaviors that we do day-in and day-out without a second thought throughout our entire lives. Call them habits, routines or whatever you like. Take teeth brushing, for example. Most of us (beyond age 12, or so) will brush each morning upon waking and at night before going to bed. There may be days we don’t feel like it, or don’t feel like we have the time, but we’ll do it anyway, if not an abridged version, because it’s a habit. It would feel downright weird if we didn’t.

That is the feeling we must achieve with our day-to-day habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If a day passes where we don’t get any exercise, it feels weird. We forget to bring a healthy lunch to work one day – weird! Our dinner is devoid of green vegetables – weird!  Continue reading “Achieve Your Goals Through the Power of Routine”

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