Brain Series: Five Supplements for Brain Health

supplements aDiet, exercise, sleep and stress can all play roles in maintaining healthy brain function. Supplements can add an extra layer of support. Numerous studies have shown the benefit that certain nutritional supplements can have on brain health, in particular the five listed below. But, before taking any supplement, consult with you primary healthcare practitioner to ensure that there are no contraindications.

Acetyl-l-carnitine: Forgot where you parked your car? Research shows that that the amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) can boost brain power and improve memory. Its antioxidant properties repair damaged neurons, increasing your memory and capacity to learn. Continue reading “Brain Series: Five Supplements for Brain Health”

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Brain Health Series: Food For Thought

salmon broccoliBrain health is a critical part of overall health that many people tend to neglect. We all know that to have a better quality life, exercise, sleep and healthy diet all play an important role. But these factors are also important for brain health. More and more research is showing that lifestyle factors can have profound effects on the progression of cognitive decline. In this brain series, I will be looking at diet, exercise, sleep, stress and supplements, and how they are part of important steps to help preserve and maintain optimal brain function, particularly as we age.

Good nutrition plays a large role in helping to protect against heart disease, and even cancer. Continue reading “Brain Health Series: Food For Thought”

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How to Create and Maintain a Fit and Healthy Brain

brain-healthSo often we’re reminded to take care of our bodies so that they look and perform the way we’d like them to. Are we as concerned about keeping our brain fit, sharp and healthy? Here are a few ways to keep your brain as youthful as your body.

Nutrition: The brain is largely made up of fat, so we need to eat fat to support a healthy brain. Fat coming from omega-3 sources such as olive oil, nuts, wild salmon, etc. are all great sources. Since sugar and carbs are pro-inflammatory foods, these should be dramatically reduced too, since they impair brain function while creating inflammation and disease. Of course, highly processed foods aren’t contributing to brain health either. Here’s a general rule for making healthier choices – if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, Continue reading “How to Create and Maintain a Fit and Healthy Brain”

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Exercise Improves Brain Function

exercise-4If you want improved brain function, get up and move. A recent review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that as little as 45 minutes of exercise per week can improve brain function in your 50s and older.

This is MAJOR! In the past studies have found that exercise has a hand in slowing cognitive decline but this review has showed that exercise improves brain function, even in people who already have mild cognitive impairment.

The study looked at the benefits of exercises which combined both elements of aerobic and resistance training, such as circuits, tai chi, yoga and weight training. Continue reading “Exercise Improves Brain Function”

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