The Magic of Muscles

Resistance and flexibility training are important to a well-rounded exercise program, but they’re often overlooked.

I’ve seen people frustrated because they’re putting the time in on the treadmill but still don’t look or feel strong and toned. Many of my clients have purposely neglected weight training because they felt they would “get too big.” Without a resistance training program, you really are shortchanging your body and yourself. I’ll explain why.

Have you ever noticed a husband and wife trying to lose weight together? Chances are he’s dropping weight like crazy and she’s struggling each week to lose a small amount. Assuming they’ve both changed their eating behaviors, one of the greatest differences in why he is losing weight at a quicker pace is that she doesn’t have the same amount of muscle mass that he does.

Muscle burns calories just by being there while fat burns very little. You see, the fat we have on our bellies, butts and thighs takes up a lot of space, it’s very content to stay put and it doesn’t need us to fire up our metabolism to keep it in its place. Muscle works very differently. Each pound of muscle burns many calories per hour just to keep it there!

Besides looking more toned and sculpted, muscle is one of the key ways to fire up your metabolism. How can you build some muscle? I’d love to know, comment and share!

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Periodization – What Is It?

When prescribing repetitions and sets, the strategy of periodization is a must. Periodization is the planned variation in training volume and intensity (Fleck and Kraemer, 2004). It is very common with the general population to place an emphasis on a high number of repetitions to “feel the burn,” and there is a popular myth that high repetitions make muscles lean, while high weight with low reps makes muscles bulky. However, that is not completely true. A good comparison to discuss is an Olympic weightlifter versus a bodybuilder. When watching the weightlifting competition in the Olympics, it is remarkable how strong the competitors are for their bodyweight. Even the lightweight elite level Olympic weightlifters can often be stronger than the massive elite level bodybuilders. Continue reading “Periodization – What Is It?”

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