What a year it has been…

My son will turn 1 tomorrow.  ONE!!!!  I know everyone says that time flies and that the first year is a blur, but I didn’t believe them.  But as I sit and reflect on the past year, I do find that it has gone all too fast.  A year ago, my husband and I were impatiently awaiting the arrival of Joe.  And when he finally made his debut, he was this helpless, little baby that just slept, cried and ate! Over the next few months he would add smiling, giggling, sitting and crawling to his repertoire and we would ponder in amazement at this wondrous creature who pushes his boundaries and is not afraid to try new things…whether it be butternut squash, or trying to take that first step. Continue reading “What a year it has been…”

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Calcium Confusion – Keeping Bones Strong

Calcium can be very confusing. Hopefully I can clear up some of the confusion and we can get you on the road to strong bone health. The goal is to make sure that you get at least 1200 mg of calcium, 600 mg of magnesium and 1000 IU of Vitamin D.

As we age, our bone density decreases and diseases such as osteoporosis can occur. The best way to avoid this, or decrease the chance of this disease, is by making sure your bones are strong now. Exercise, Diet and Supplementation are all important in maintaining bone health. Continue reading “Calcium Confusion – Keeping Bones Strong”

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    Paula Gallagher
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    Susan Levin
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