Sinus Health: 10 Tips for Travelers

travel-healthTravel season has started for many people. For some, this means the beginning of relaxation, but for others travel can bring agonizing sinus pain. Traveling is taxing on your body. It can be downright exhausting. Many people come back from a trip with a sinus infection or a virus. Why is that?

• Cabins in airplanes recirculate the air. With a few hundred people in close proximity, it’s easy to be exposed to viruses and bacteria.

• Many  of us don’t get enough sleep. Continue reading “Sinus Health: 10 Tips for Travelers”

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While Traveling

sleeping-on-planeWhether it’s for work or pleasure, or because it’s the holidays and there is family you haven’t seen since last December, sleeping away from your own bed can pose some sleep challenges. Having a regular bedtime routine can help prepare your mind and body for sleep, even in unfamiliar environments. When you know you’ll be sleeping in a hotel or a relative’s home, pack things that will make it feel like your bed… such as your pillow, an essential oil diffuser and lavender, a small portable fan or a white noise machine.

Here are some other tips to help make sleep while traveling easier: Continue reading “Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While Traveling”

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4 Natural Remedies for Summer Travels

summer travelSUMMERTIME!!! Many of us are planning trips, and whether it be a staycation or traveling abroad, here are a few natural remedies for summer travel to help your vacation go smoothly.

Probiotics: Studies have shown that probiotics (beneficial bacteria) may help prevent travelers’ diarrhea in adults. Saccharomyces boulardii is a very good option for travelers as it does not require refrigeration. Aside from taking a probiotic, only drink water from sealed bottles, and watch out for swallowing pool water! Even the cleanest pool may have pathogens lurking. If you do succumb to diarrhea, stay hydrated and consume the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) while you recover.

Fiber: One in four travelers experience constipation. Changes in eating and drinking habits, stress, and even reluctance to use public restrooms can cause some to bind up. A fiber supplement like guar guam or psyllium can help speed things along. Make sure to drink plenty of water with your fiber intake. A product like Clear Fiber can easily be mixed with water. If this doesn’t help, try magnesium citrate. Continue reading “4 Natural Remedies for Summer Travels”

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Nutrition Rx: Portable Food for the Whole Family

vegetable-wrapsAs we fit in last-minute travel excursions and summer day trips, it’s easy to stray from the healthful choices we’ve made all summer. The good news is that eating healthfully – in the air, on the road, or at the beach – is now easier than ever.

Here are five tips for packing portable food that provides stable energy and an abundance of nutrients.

1. Colorful Vegetable Wraps

All you’ll need to make your favorite wraps is a handful of ingredients: whole wheat tortillas, low-fat hummus, and your favorite vegetables. Try grated carrots, fresh spinach leaves, and radishes or bean sprouts for an extra crunch. Wrap up and take on a family or poolside picnic, include with fresh fruit for a healthful lunch, or keep on hand for a grab-and-go meal. Continue reading “Nutrition Rx: Portable Food for the Whole Family”

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Healthy Eating and Exercise Travel Kit

For many of us, travel often means putting our healthy eating and exercise routine on hold until we’re back from our trip and back into our familiar routine. This can also mean that because of this vacation from our healthy habits, we have a few extra pounds to deal with, along with the need to reignite our fitness motivation once we’re back home. Is there a way to keep those healthy habits working for you while you’re away? Of course! So I created the healthy eating and exercise travel kit.

This “kit” was developed when I realized that whenever I travel, I always packed my food, snacks and workout gear before I packed anything else. It was as if, as long as those items were with me, I could make do with anything else and clearly showed me what my priorities were. I also noticed that when others came back from a trip and complained about the need to lose the pounds gained while away or the need to get back on track with their fitness, it was never something I needed to do because those habits were deeply ingrained and planned for while at home and when away.

So with that in mind, the following list is meant for you to print out and keep in your suitcase or travel bag. This way, when you take out your bag and begin to pack, you’ll see this list and be reminded to pack your healthy eating and exercise travel kit first.  Continue reading “Healthy Eating and Exercise Travel Kit”

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