Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression, Too?

Research has shown that women are not the only ones affected by postpartum depression (PPD). The study out of  Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, showed that at least 10% of men also suffer from PPD. The difference is that it seems to be situational rather than hormonal, as depression is believed to be  in new mothers.

According to study co-author James Paulson, a clinical psychologist and associate professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, “If you put 100 per cent of your chips on that bet, then really, there’s nothing left that you would expect with dads. If moms are getting depressed because of hormone changes, why would dads get depressed? They don’t go through the same hormone changes – they don’t have to be pregnant, they don’t have to deliver the baby. That bias has had a lot do with what people think,” Paulson says. Continue reading “Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression, Too?”

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