Unhealthy Negative Relationships: Why Positive Thinkers Feel Better, Live Longer

HappyTell me who you spend your time with and I’ll tell you how you feel. What? No…really, I can and here’s why:

We often take on the feelings, behaviors and attitudes of those we spend time with, like the co-worker or friend who’s always complaining and speaking negatively about her body, job, relationships – and basically, her life! Do you know why she looks forward to spending time with you? Because it’s her opportunity to vent about it all and find relief. Afterwards, she feels better, much lighter, freer and ready to get on with her day, but how do you feel?

I’m guessing that you probably feel drained, deflated and uninspired. Although your intention was to be a good friend and listener, once you became involved emotionally in your friends negativity, you were brought right down with her, right?

Negative relationships affect your health and happiness

Now, what about the friend who is lighthearted and enthusiastic, embracing life with eagerness and zest. Just thinking about the time you spend together brings a smile to your face because it’s always fun, relaxing and enjoyable. The relationship is easy, which makes it easy to be excited about the rest of your day. When you hang out with this person, you’re able to:  Continue reading “Unhealthy Negative Relationships: Why Positive Thinkers Feel Better, Live Longer”

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