Heart Health and Positivity

IMG_4209Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. The American Heart Association (AHA) estimates that about 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease (CVD) each day. This is an average of one death every 39 seconds. Stroke causes about one of every 18 U.S. deaths.

Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and medicine are the usual recommendations to ward off or treat heart disease. But more and more research shows that heart health and positivity are linked and that having a good attitude can go a long way toward reducing your risk of heart attacks and stroke. Continue reading “Heart Health and Positivity”

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Becoming a Positive Thinker: 7 Proactive Tips to Create the Good Life

yes2While it may seem as if good things just seem to happen to “good” people, and the good life seems to be easier for some to attain than others, here’s some good news.

These people don’t simply “get lucky.” Instead, they’re proactive in the way they live their lives. They’ve made a choice: to take deliberate action, avoiding what often becomes the chaos of reacting. And the experiences they create begin with the thoughts they think.

What can you do to bring more positivity to your life, and the lives of others?

How Positive Thinkers Think

How does the positive thinker create the good life just by thinking differently?

Positive thoughts naturally lead to positive feelings.
Positive feelings lead to positive emotions.
Positive emotions then promote positive behaviors.
Positive behavior creates positive outcomes.

A real example of applying these proactive steps could look something like this: Continue reading “Becoming a Positive Thinker: 7 Proactive Tips to Create the Good Life”

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How to Enjoy Summer Success: 6 Steps to Maintain Control and Achieve Goals

woman beach goals success1How do you enjoy the summer, accomplish all that you want to do and maintain control over those areas you struggle with most? As always, to achieve goals you need to start with a plan. Whether you want to maintain your weight, tackle a sport, or begin a new relationship, summer success is possible with these six steps.


Step One: Re‐evaluate the previous summer. How did it go last summer? How did you handle things? Did you maintain the way you wanted to? Using the following areas we typically struggle with most, answer the following:

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You Are What You Eat…and Think, Feel, Hear, See, Do and Believe

Many of us have heard the saying, “we are what we eat.” Basically this means that if our diets are made up of fast food, takeout, foods high in sugar, high in fat, if we drink too much or if we consider our children’s leftovers a decent meal, we can’t really be surprised if our body doesn’t look or feel it’s best. To sum it up; eat bad, look and feel bad. Well, not only are we what we eat, but we’re also what we feel, think, hear, see, do and believe.

Let’s start with what you think. If you think you’re unlovable, unworthy or incapable, and these are the thoughts that play continuously in your mind, can you really be surprised if these thoughts encourage you to act or carry yourself a certain way? Maybe they’ll prevent you from feeling deserving of a loving relationship, because you too feel unworthy of something fabulous or incapable of achieving a goal or dream. If these or similar thoughts are playing in a negative tape loop you’ve created, take a look at how they’re showing themselves within your life.

Moving on to “we are what we feel.” If you feel overweight, unattractive or ill-equipped in some way, take a look at the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, what you do (or don’t do) and the relationships you have. Notice how these feelings show themselves in the clothes you choose, the opportunities you may be avoiding and what you’re willing to tolerate in a coworker, friend or partner. Now identify how different things would be if you didn’t feel this way about yourself. Continue reading “You Are What You Eat…and Think, Feel, Hear, See, Do and Believe”

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