The Best Diet and Worst Diet for Your Health

healthy dietInflammation is linked to just about every major health condition and is believed to play a role in triggering and advancing a wide variety of diseases. Conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, diabetes and obesity are marked by systemic, low grade inflammation as well as immune system dysfunction. These chronic inflammatory conditions have been shown to significantly increase one’s susceptibility and mortality from infections such as COVID-19.

Sleep, exercise, reducing toxin load, and stress modification can be powerful modifiers of chronic inflammation. Yet, perhaps the most important personal behavior choice that can impact your health is your diet. Continue reading “The Best Diet and Worst Diet for Your Health”

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Is a Vegan Diet Healthier than a Mediterranean Diet?

vegan aEarlier this week, U.S. News & World Report placed the Mediterranean diet at the top of its list of 40 best diets for 2019. But when it comes to health, the science shows that there’s something even better: a plant-based, or vegan diet.

We’ve all heard that the Mediterranean diet can boost longevity. But why is that? Mediterranean diets are typically rich in vegetables and fruit, low in meat, and relatively low in fat. This is a healthy approach – to the extent that it emphasizes these plant-based foods.

One study in the British Medical Journal showed that certain components of the diet, especially high vegetable consumption and low meat consumption, were more strongly linked to longevity than other components, such as fish consumption. High fruit, nut and legume consumption also contributed to longevity. Continue reading “Is a Vegan Diet Healthier than a Mediterranean Diet?”

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Lunch Today: Green Power Salad

salad-in-a-jarPacking a lunch for school-aged children can be challenging, but I find it almost as challenging to pack a lunch for myself. As an adult, it sometimes seems easier to grab a sandwich, soup or salad from the deli counter in the building, than it is to take some time and brown bag it… or in this case, Mason jar it.

The problem with eating out is that you can’t control the fat, sodium and all the additional preservatives take-out food may have. Take some time in the evening to prepare a healthy salad that is packed full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and you will have a salad that will power you through the rest of the following day. Continue reading “Lunch Today: Green Power Salad”

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Mediterranean Diet Linked to Healthy Gut

mediterranean-dietThe Mediterranean Diet is well known to be good for the heart, but a new study shows that it can also benefit a healthy gut. Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, found that eating a Mediterranean Diet significantly increased the good bacteria in the guts of monkeys, compared to a Western diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is often considered one of the healthiest of diets. It is high in fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts, fish and poultry. The study that was published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition found that the monkeys that ate a diet consisting of fish oil, olive oil, Continue reading “Mediterranean Diet Linked to Healthy Gut”

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Salad is a Brain-Boosting Summer Staple

saladAs the temperature heats up, there’s no need to turn to ice cream, chilled coffee drinks, or gelato. A brightly-hued salad or crisp piece of fruit helps regulate our internal body temperature and keeps us feeling healthy, refreshed, and hydrated.

These plant-based staples stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, eliminate arterial plaque, and make it easy to maintain a healthy body weight, since they contain a hefty dose of vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

Research shows that adults who integrate at least two daily servings of leafy greens into their diet have cognitive function that’s 11 years younger, on average, than peers who pass on the Swiss chard and mustard greens. Continue reading “Salad is a Brain-Boosting Summer Staple”

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