Support Your Immune System: L-Lysine

A healthy, balanced immune system is one that is able to quickly and effectively fight off infection and at the same time not overreact to irritations such as allergens or even your own body. Having the necessary nutrient reserves and avoiding foods and chemicals that suppress the immune system will support continued good health. Factors such as chronic stress, repeated use of antibiotics, environmental pollutants, and poor dietary and lifestyle habits greatly damage the immune system. As a result, healing capacity and the ability to defend against infection becomes weaker. Incorporating key nutrition elements will help to strengthen the body’s defenses.

One of those is  L-lysine. L-lysine is an essential amino acid that cannot be produced by the body. Lysine helps strengthen the immune system by adjusting body chemistry so it is less hospitable to foreign organisms and supports the body’s acid/alkaline balance. Its most common application is related to the herpes virus. Herpes viruses are dependent on the amino acid arginine for replication. Lysine counter-balances arginine (found in nuts, seeds, and meats), making it harder for herpes and other viruses to replicate. Lysine has been shown to prevent outbreaks and reduce the duration and severity of individual herpes outbreaks and other viral infections.

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