Breakfast Today: Breakfast Crumble

breakfast-crumbleThis breakfast crumble is delicious and perfect for rushed mornings when you need something quick. Basically, you make this the night before and just reheat in the morning, but it is still very simple to make. This  crumble is chock-full of nutritionally dense foods like flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3s and offer anti-inflammatory benefits; berries, which are a source of vitamin C , vitamin K and anthocyanins, all supplying antioxidant action; plus fiber-rich apples, providing support for a healthy digestive tract. Add a heaping spoonful of Greek yogurt for extra protein and calcium.

You can switch out the berries for any other fruit that you like. Continue reading “Breakfast Today: Breakfast Crumble”

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Grilled Fruit for the 4th of July

grilled-waterelonNothing says summer like firing up the grill on the 4th of July. But grilling isn’t just for meat, veggies and tofu. Grilled fruits are great! High heat from the barbecue caramelizes fruits’ natural sugars, making them melt-in-your-mouth juicy. Here are 10 fruit options that will make you put the steaks away!

Greek watermelon: Slice into triangles and remove seeds. Brush fruit with olive oil. Barbecue both sides until grill marks form. Sprinkle with crumbled feta and chopped Kalamata olives.

Smoky Southwestern avocado: Halve and pit an avocado. Continue reading “Grilled Fruit for the 4th of July”

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Ugly Fruit – Short on Looks, But Big on Taste and Nutrients

apples-blemishedThe next time you are at the grocery store, you may want to think twice before you pass on blemished or misshapen fruits and vegetables. Not only does cosmetic imperfection cause tons of food waste, but it is now believed that “ugly” fruits and vegetables may be more nutritious for you. Many people even say that they taste better, too. Researchers believe that blemishes could actually cause the produce to have higher antioxidant levels. Stress such as weather and pests cause fruits and vegetables to ramp up their defenses, resulting in higher health-promoting nutrients.

Here is what the studies show about ugly fruits and vegetables: Continue reading “Ugly Fruit – Short on Looks, But Big on Taste and Nutrients”

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An Apple a Day Keeps Heart Attacks Away

fruitRich in antioxidants, mineral, vitamins, fiber and low in fat, fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet. Not only do they taste great, a new study out of the University of Oxford and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences suggests that eating fresh fruit daily may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. In fact, eating a piece of fresh fruit had them same effect as taking a statin. “An apple a day” can be pretty sage advice, after all.

Researchers looked 500,000 adults from 10 urban and rural localities across China. The team tracked study participants’ health for 7 years through death records and electronic hospital records of illness, and found that the individuals who regularly ate fresh fruit, mainly apples and oranges, were less likely to die from cardiac complications, compared to those who rarely or never added fruit to their diet. Continue reading “An Apple a Day Keeps Heart Attacks Away”

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Eating in Season

Summer is around the corner and fresh fruits and vegetables are products of these warmer days. Farmers markets are a great place to get the freshest produce. You are not only supporting local farmers, but you are also doing your part for the environment by reducing the miles that asparagus had to travel to get on your plate. The best part is that you are getting produce that is nutrient-dense and full of flavor. Continue reading “Eating in Season”

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