Supplements You Shouldn’t Live Without

This past Friday, Dr. Oz told his viewers what supplements he takes. Not surprisingly, they align very well with what Village Green Apothecary has been saying for years. He particularly targeted women over 40. The supplements he recommends  are:

1. Mutlivitamin: Only 1% of the population gets enough essential nutrients from diet alone, so a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral should be part of everyone’s routine. Divided doses are better because you get the most out of them.

2. Calcium: Important for muscles, teeth and bones, many women are not getting enough of this important nutrient. Add magnesium to calcium and you have an important foundation for strong bones. The best way to get calcium is a combination of food sources and supplements. Continue reading “Supplements You Shouldn’t Live Without”

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What Are EFA’s?

There are two families of essential fatty acids or EFAs: Omega-3 and Omega-6, and proper cell function is dependent on a balanced intake of both. The over-consumption of Omega-6 fats from refined vegetable oils, processed foods and meat in our diet has upset this balance however, in a very big way.

EFAs are vital structural components of the cell membrane that surrounds and protects all 100 trillion cells in the body, and research has determined that in order to prevent deficiency and encourage optimal health, EFAs must be consumed daily. Since our levels of Omega-3s are far below those necessary for optimal health and prevention of chronic disease, the recommendation is to consume more Omega-3s than Omega-6s.

The best sources of the Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, are cold water fish such as sardines, anchovies, salmon, and herring. These are EFAs because the human body requires them but is unable to make sufficient quantities, therefore, they must be obtained from the diet or supplementation.
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What a year it has been…

My son will turn 1 tomorrow.  ONE!!!!  I know everyone says that time flies and that the first year is a blur, but I didn’t believe them.  But as I sit and reflect on the past year, I do find that it has gone all too fast.  A year ago, my husband and I were impatiently awaiting the arrival of Joe.  And when he finally made his debut, he was this helpless, little baby that just slept, cried and ate! Over the next few months he would add smiling, giggling, sitting and crawling to his repertoire and we would ponder in amazement at this wondrous creature who pushes his boundaries and is not afraid to try new things…whether it be butternut squash, or trying to take that first step. Continue reading “What a year it has been…”

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Increased ADHD if Mom Overweight?

A study out of Europe, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, looked at 2000 Swedish kids and found that there was a reduced ability to pay attention in school or preschool among those whose mothers had been overweight.

Some possible reasons given:

  • Excess weight might disrupt mothers’ metabolism, making it harder for nutrients essential to brain development to reach the fetus
  • Pregnancy puts huge stress on the metabolism, and excessive weight gain might throw it out of balance – perhaps by raising mothers’ levels of blood glucose, or of the hormone leptin
  • Inadequate vitamin D, which is linked to mental development and is known to be present in lower levels in overweight women
  • Greater exposure to damaging chemicals, which accumulate in body fat. Continue reading “Increased ADHD if Mom Overweight?”
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