Back to School Series: Supplements for Your Kids

kids playgroundOne question I get asked often is, “Do I give my kids supplements and if so, which ones?” The short answer is yes, but it is more complicated than that. I do think most children could benefit from supplements, especially if their diet consists of processed foods or if they are very picky eaters. But what are the most important supplements for your kids? Which ones should they take?

Although I try to arm my kids with the best nutrition possible, sometimes they just won’t eat what I hope they do, so this is when I turn to supplements. I realize that nothing can replace the quality, variety and even the availability of nutrients found in food, Continue reading “Back to School Series: Supplements for Your Kids”

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Back to School Series: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

sleeping2Over the summer many people have a more relaxed schedule and bedtimes for the kids may be a bit more flexible. But now that school is in full swing, are your kids getting enough sleep? Establishing a sleep schedule in order to get a good night’s sleep can be extra important. Recent research has found that consistent bedtimes result in better health for most people.

And if you are like me, putting my kids to bed later does not result in a later wake-up time. Even reducing sleep by 1 hour per night can affect your child’s cognition and ability to pay attention. Continue reading “Back to School Series: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?”

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Back to School Series: Soothing Sore Throat Remedies

sick child aEven after all the handwashing, the healthy food, the immune supporting supplements… one of us seems to come down with something. A sore throat seems to be the first sign of back-to-school illness for us. Most of the time, a sort throat is self limiting, although uncomfortable – but when it is accompanied by a fever and a tummy ache, it may be something more. If after a few days of resting and trying some sore throat remedies, a visit to the doctor may be advised.

Here are a few soothing things to do to help you and your loved ones ease the pain of a sore throat.

Salt water gargle: Studies have shown that gargling with salt water can help Continue reading “Back to School Series: Soothing Sore Throat Remedies”

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Back to School Series: Fight the Lice

school kidsAm I the only one who starts scratching their head as soon as they hear the word lice? It may be one of the most dreaded words a parent can hear once school has started. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for children 3 to 11 years of age, an estimated 6 to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States. Fortunately, in most cases, lice can be treated easily and although annoying, they are harmless. In fact the The American Academy of Pediatrics does not endorse “no-nit” policies that exclude children from school because nits are present. And if you think it could never happen to your kid, think again… lice are equal opportunity pests! Anyone can find themselves in the situation of needing to fight the lice. Continue reading “Back to School Series: Fight the Lice”

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Back to School Series: Wash Your Hands!

hand washingIn the next few weeks, I will be reposting blogs that have helpful information for dealing with all the awesome things (insert sarcasm here) that come with kids going back to school. Whether your kids have started school already or this is your last stretch of summer, this series will look at everything from making back-to-school lunches to trying to keep them healthy. So good luck to all the families out there. We are all in this together!

The most important thing to instill in your children (and really all of us) is washing your hands! This is the number one thing Continue reading “Back to School Series: Wash Your Hands!”

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