Is There an Ideal Time to Take Your Supplements?

Customers often ask me if there is an optimal time to take their supplements. With food? Without food? And, they also wonder if there are certain vitamins and minerals that should not be taken at the same time. These are good questions.

In general, vitamins and minerals are best taken with meals in divided doses throughout the day.  Because your body can absorb and use only so much of a vitamin and mineral at one time, dividing the dosage over the course of the day will increase your utilization of these nutrients. The release of stomach acid caused by the presence of food enhances nutrient absorption. And, dietary fats assist in the transportation and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, D, E, and K. However, several supplements tend to work more efficiently in the body when taken away from food. Examples include, enzymes used to address inflammation, many herbal supplements, and certain probiotics.

I tend not be concerned with nutrients competing for absorption unless you are taking a large amount of one or a few nutrients. If you are taking fiber as a supplement, it is best to take it several hours away from your other nutrients because it can interfere with their absorption. And, if you have been advised to take an iron supplement, take it away from your calcium supplement to ensure that calcium will not inhibit its absorption. Continue reading “Is There an Ideal Time to Take Your Supplements?”

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Look Inside Your Guts: A Glimpse into Leaky Gut Syndrome

I love guts. As complex as it is, it greatly simplifies the understanding of disease. The word “disease” is not an entity of its own. If you look closely, the word can be broken down to dis-ease; the loss of ease. Dis-ease only occurs when there is the loss of balance in an organism. In fact, the importance of balance has been acknowledged for thousands of years in medicine. Restoring the “four humors” in Ancient Greece, complementing yin and yang in Chinese Medicine, and balancing your dosha, or “constitution” in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. More recently, 100 years ago, Dr. Henry Lindlahr, a pioneer of naturopathy in this country, believed that the primary consequence of imbalance manifests in “the three primary causes of disease: 1) lowered vitality, 2) abnormal composition of blood and lymph, and 3) accumulation of morbid matter and poisons.” Amazingly, the condition of leaky gut touches upon all of these causes.

One may perceive Dr. Lindlahr’s outlook on disease as “rudimentary” in today’s scientific language, but the message he conveys is absolutely right. Let’s look at lowered vitality. Whether you’re spiritual or not, energy is all around us. From the heat generated from your computer, to the light emitted from your lamp, millions of atoms are at work, moving at rapid speed unseen to the naked eye. This “aliveness” of surrounding matter extends to our physiology. Continue reading “Look Inside Your Guts: A Glimpse into Leaky Gut Syndrome”

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