Yes and No: The Words That Can Make Us…Or Break Us

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I’ve discovered that for many people, “yes” and “no” are two of the most misused words in our lives today. We say “yes” to things that zap our time, energy and strength, and “no” to the things that could give us joy, pleasure and fulfillment.

For example, maybe you already have a hectic, chaotic schedule. You feel stressed, overwhelmed and overcommitted. Someone asks you for a favor and what do you say… ”Yes!” On the other hand, when you have an opportunity to try something exciting, potentially rewarding and enriching, because you’re overcommitted or have convinced yourself you are [not ready, not smart enough, too old, too heavy, etc.], what do you say… ”No!”

Getting our “yeses” and “nos” straight may take some work but it’s worth it in order to stay true to our values and work towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Sure it may be difficult to say no, but if it means extra time with your family, time to pursue an interest or just catch up on some sleep, isn’t it worth it?

Are you getting the right words out at the right time? I’d love to know, comment and share!

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November 2022