What Should I Eat?

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For many people trying to improve their diets, it can be maddening trying to understand what constitutes a healthy diet. Low fat? Sugar Free? No Cholesterol? High protein? Fad diets offer confusion and misguidance. To make matters worse, everywhere we go, we are inundated with refined, packaged and processed foods. While these options make life easy, they are also making us unhealthy. These foods lack nutrients and can harm the body with unnatural ingredients.

The only answer to the question what to eat, is real food. “Real” means food in its original form; plant foods in their natural state, and animal products from animals in their natural environments, eating their natural diets.  Real food is nutrient-dense food that provides the body with maximum benefit. Eating whole foods is a balanced way of eating that promotes lifelong health. Real / whole foods are free of processing additives such as preservatives, food dyes, flavorings, solvents, and other harmful substances.

The benefits of eating a whole foods diet includes promoting optimal organ function, supporting hormone balance and digestive health, regulating the immune system, maintaining healthy weight management, decreasing inflammation and cellular damage, as well as lowering your chronic disease risk.

If you have been wanting to make healthy changes to your diet, remember it’s a good idea to start small. Slow, small steps are what create more lifelong change and healthy habits. If you need guidance, I recommend consulting a nutritionist who can work with you to determine the best diet for you and help you reach your desired health goals.

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