Vitamin D Reminder

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With clocks falling back an hour and days getting shorter, sunlight can be hard to come by for many people. Vitamin D deficiency becomes a reality, particularly for those living in northern climates.

Adequate levels of vitamin D are vitally important in order to prevent rickets, as well as maintain strong bones. However, research has also been showing that deficiency of D may also be linked to cancer, multiple sclerosis and lowered immune system.

So who should take vitamin D as a supplement?

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating women
  • Infants who are nursing
  • The elderly
  • People who work indoors

So, just about everyone!

If you are concerned about the dose you should take, you can have your levels tested to see how deficient you really are. The RDA for vitamin D in the United States ranges from 400IU to 800IU per day, depending on age. However, these amounts only maintain your current levels. If you are severely deficient, you will need to take more, and you should discuss your dose with your health care practitioner.

Personally, I take 2000IU per day all year round, and my children take 1000IU per day, as recommended by our physicians.

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