Village Green – Best of Bethesda Winner 2014

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Best of Bethesda 2014Each year Bethesda Magazine has a “Best of Bethesda” issue, sharing editors’ and readers’ favorite restaurants, stores, professional services, and more.

We’re proud to be named an editors’ pick as the Best of Bethesda winner for “Shop For the Herbalist.” Not only did they notice our great selection of herbal remedies, but also our terrific sections of nutritional supplements and personal care products, plus our exceptional staff. Here is the complete review.

It’s clear from the number of customers inside Village Green Apothecary that we’re not the only ones who like to frequent the 49-year-old Bethesda institution. The buzz of conversation fills the air as longtime staffers and customers chat in the aisles.

The bustling shop provides everything from in-house nutritionists and wellness counselors to pharmacists (who make custom-blended medications as well as fill standard prescriptions) to an array of natural beauty potions and supplements. All of that makes it a must-stop for seekers of good health. We especially love browsing through the latest herbal remedies, vitamins and skin care products—from old-fashioned Thayers witch hazel to the locally made Skincando.

The good news is the shop discounts most items and it will deliver, too.

The 2014 “Best of Bethesda” results are available in the January/February issue of Bethesda Magazine, or online starting March 3.


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  • Paula Gallagher
    Paula Gallagher
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    Margo Gladding
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  • Dr. Neal Barnard
    Dr. Neal Barnard
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    Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
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    Debi Silber
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  • Teri Cochrane
    Teri Cochrane
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    Dr. Rav Ivker
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    Susan Levin
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