The Link Between Childhood Obesity and BPA

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We have blogged about bisphenol A or BPA many times. This chemical is used in food packaging (like linings in cans) and to harden plastic and has been linked to infertility, weight gain in adults, and even cancer. And now a new study shows that children who are overweight also have higher levels of BPA in their bodies than children who are a healthy weight.

Although the study’s findings don’t prove that BPA causes obesity, it is still a concern because this dangerous chemical causes other health problems. One of the possibilities is that children who were considered obese ate more foods that came from cans or packaging that contained BPA.

There have been studies in animals that have suggested that BPA may disrupt metabolism and lead to larger fat cells.

Exercise and healthy diet are still the most important factors in maintaining healthy weight in children and adults. So, avoid BPA as much as possible by limiting canned foods and not heating foods in plastic containers, but also make sure that your children are learning to eat healthfully and are getting in an hour of physical activity per day.

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March 2023