The Flu Hits Home

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My husband came home two weeks ago complaining of a sore throat and fatigue.  A few days later, he had a hacking cough and a fever.  And just this past week… an ear infection.  With a degree in nutrition, and an herbalist and naturopath, as well as countless supplements at my disposal, how did I let my husband develop and continue with what we have now discovered is the flu? Well, every morning I would lay out vitamin C, oscillococcinum, probiotics and tea for him, but being the stubborn, hardheaded man that he is, he thought he could just let the flu take its course. Well, we are on week three of this, Tim is still hacking away and now our poor little 13-month-old son has caught the flu, and he has a double ear infection.  Unlike, his daddy, Joe is more open to trying  mommy’s remedies.  I also want to make clear that Joe is under the care of a lovely doctor who actually approved and is monitoring Joe’s condition.

I am curious to see who will actually feel better sooner, Tim (hard-headed husband) or Joe (wonderful toddler son).  Joe’s symptoms began Monday and as I mentioned before, we are going on week 3 for Tim.  So this is what I am doing to help Joe.

1. Oscillococcinum for children

2. Probiotics: I open a capsule and sprinkle about half on his cereal

3. Vitamin D3: 2000IU per day

4. Ear oil: 3 drops in the outer ear 3 times per day

5. Baby Tylenol: when he has a fever

6: Lots and lots of fluid, and…

7. Lots of LOVE

Joe goes back to the doctor on Monday to see how he is doing.  I can tell you this, his appetite has returned, he is back to his super-active self, and he isn’t pulling on his ears anymore.  He still has his runny nose and a bit of a cough. But I am pretty sure that Joe will be back to his old self by the end of the weekend. Last night, my husband was still complaining about his ears and he finally let me put some ear oil in his ears.

As for me, I have learned that moms never have time to be sick, so I am loading up on vitamin D, vitamin C and making sure that I wash my hands all the time.  I will keep you posted about how we are all doing.

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