The Benefits of Cleansing

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Each year when spring comes, bringing its new blossoms, budding trees, and cleansing rains, I recognize within myself a desire to start anew, start fresh, to cleanse my body of the heavier proteins and fats I ate during winter, and eat the fresh new foods that spring has to offer. I see spring as an opportunity to reset the body and put into place healthy eating patterns for the summer months ahead.

Our bodies go into a natural phase of detoxification or cleansing during the spring months, so this time of year is an ideal time to start a detox or cleanse program. There are many, many cleanse products on the market, including pills, fibers, herbs and other supplements. Many of these can be helpful in the process of ridding the body of toxic buildup. However, one of the most simple and effective ways to cleanse is simply to use the innate healing powers of real, whole food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc.) to shift the body into a natural and healthy phase of detoxification.

For the second year in a row, I have taken myself and my clients through a safe and effective food based 21-day cleanse. Some of the benefits I’ve noticed include:

  • 8-10 lbs weight loss for many of the participants
  • A reduction in or complete elimination of cravings
  • Significant reduction in stress
  • Overall heightened sense of well-being and peacefulness in the body
  • Positive changes in eating habits and awareness around healthy food choices
  • Enhanced clarity of thinking
  • Increased desire to truly care for the body
  • Continuation of improved symptoms and improved eating habits post-cleanse

With this cleanse, I’ve seen results in 21 days that it normally takes 3 or more months for my individual clients (who generally make changes more slowly) to experience.

What do the cleanse participants have to say about the cleanse? Here are a few direct quotes:

“I feel the cleanse has taught me how to let go of habits that don’t support my health—like relying too much on caffeine, desserts, and breads.”

“The most important outcomes for me are the discovery of greater energy, losing a few pounds and some belly fat, and jump starting my journey onto a whole new, more mindful, path of healthier, lighter eating.”

“This cleanse got me thinking about food and nourishment in completely new ways. I realized I rely on food to fulfill all sorts of roles, from distraction to comfort to reward.”

“I have been purely percolating with energy: my mind is much clearer (the effect I most longed for) and my energy level remains high, with the exception of two days so far. I have lost that sludgy feeling that has vexed me for the past nine months or so, and five pounds as well.”

“By the middle of the third day [of the cleanse], I realized that I had had maybe one very minor hot flash where normally I would have had at least half a dozen, including in the middle of the night. Despite stopping my topical progesterone cream and black cohosh supplements, the flashes are gone, completely. Even better, my mind and spirit are back to the higher focus, clarity and equilibrium I knew before menopause hit.”

I”’m nearing the end of Week 2 and feel fabulous. I sleep like a rock, feel calm and relaxed, yet have the energy, focus and motivation to do what I need to.”

Because of the great successes I have seen with this cleanse I have decided to offer it one more time before spring is officially over, beginning May 10th. If you are interested in discovering what a spring cleanse can do for your body, please get in touch. I’d love to have you join in!

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