Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

The majority of Americans (both children and adults) are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with numerous diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, periodontal disease, macular degeneration, mental illness, propensity to fall, and chronic pain.

Beyond its role in enhancing calcium absorption, new research has shown that vitamin D improves immune function (fights colds and flus) and can reduce the risk of a variety of cancers.

Factors that affect vitamin D status include: latitude, season, time of day, air pollution, cloud cover, melanin content of the skin, use of sunblock, age, and the extent of clothing covering the body. Also, prescription medications can deplete vitamin D levels. Continue reading “Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?”

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The Flu Hits Home

My husband came home two weeks ago complaining of a sore throat and fatigue.  A few days later, he had a hacking cough and a fever.  And just this past week… an ear infection.  With a degree in nutrition, and an herbalist and naturopath, as well as countless supplements at my disposal, how did I let my husband develop and continue with what we have now discovered is the flu? Well, every morning I would lay out vitamin C, oscillococcinum, probiotics and tea for him, but being the stubborn, hardheaded man that he is, he thought he could just let the flu take its course. Well, we are on week three of this, Tim is still hacking away and now our poor little 13-month-old son has caught the flu, and he has a double ear infection.  Unlike, his daddy, Joe is more open to trying  mommy’s remedies.  I also want to make clear that Joe is under the care of a lovely doctor who actually approved and is monitoring Joe’s condition.

I am curious to see who will actually feel better sooner, Continue reading “The Flu Hits Home”

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More Reasons to Take Vitamin D

Everyday there seems to be more and more research to support the supplementation of Vitamin D.   The current recommendation of 400IU just may not be enough for most people living in North America, especially those of us who are inside most of the day and don’t see sunshine.

Here are summaries of the three latest studies on the posItive effects of Vitamin D. Continue reading “More Reasons to Take Vitamin D”

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Increased ADHD if Mom Overweight?

A study out of Europe, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, looked at 2000 Swedish kids and found that there was a reduced ability to pay attention in school or preschool among those whose mothers had been overweight.

Some possible reasons given:

  • Excess weight might disrupt mothers’ metabolism, making it harder for nutrients essential to brain development to reach the fetus
  • Pregnancy puts huge stress on the metabolism, and excessive weight gain might throw it out of balance – perhaps by raising mothers’ levels of blood glucose, or of the hormone leptin
  • Inadequate vitamin D, which is linked to mental development and is known to be present in lower levels in overweight women
  • Greater exposure to damaging chemicals, which accumulate in body fat. Continue reading “Increased ADHD if Mom Overweight?”
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