Lunch Today: Tofu Scramble

tofu scramble cropIf you need a quick, easy-to-make and nutritious meal, this is it. This tofu scramble is a vegan take on scrambled eggs and even though the title is lunch today, this can easily be for breakfast or lunch, or even dinner, paired with salad and quinoa. It’s high in protein and packed with nutrition, and will power you up for the day! And if you are new to the world of vegan food and you’ve been missing the taste of eggs from your vegan diet, give this a try, it just might fill that eggy spot.

The key to the eggy flavor is black salt. The variety known as kala namak is a pungent smelling purple-ish or pink-ish gray rock salt that is often used in India. The kala namak variety of black salt has a ‘sulfur’ taste to it which is reminiscent of eggs. Continue reading “Lunch Today: Tofu Scramble”

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