If You Love Wine, Know What’s In It

wineAlcohol, if consumed in excess, can be a problem for both the body and the mind. Assuming you are of legal drinking age, it’s important to know your limits and to not exceed the current recommendations of 3-5 servings a week for men and 1-3 for women. This includes wine.

And even if you are able to control the quantity, you may still be missing the mark with quality. No, I am not talking about the age of the wine, the winery it comes from or its varietal. I am talking about constituents that most wines have which increase our toxic burden and make it difficult for us to clear alcohol byproducts from the body. Continue reading “If You Love Wine, Know What’s In It”

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Minerals: Phosphorus, Chloride, Sodium and Sulfur

marketThe remaining four macrominerals in our series From A to Zinc, are phosphorus, chloride, sulfur and sodium. And although these are considered macromineral (which means our body requires 100 mg or more a day of these minerals), they are rarely supplemented because they are usually abundantly available in the diet.

Phosphorus forms a part of the bones in the form of the mineral hydroxyapatite. It is also used in cell membranes, and is part of the energy molecules, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and adenosine diphosphate (ADP). DNA and RNA also contain phosphate. Continue reading “Minerals: Phosphorus, Chloride, Sodium and Sulfur”

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