Avoid the Allergy-to-Sinus Infection Cycle (And Feel Great This Summer!)

Dry, polluted air, mixed with pollens and all of the airborne particles
during the summer months can irritate and inflame the mucous membrane. This inflammation creates headaches, pain and pressure along with many other symptoms. It also will handcuff the cilia. What are cilia? Think of cilia as thousands of waving, microscopic hairs lining your sinuses (mucous membrane). The cilia’s function is to sweep unwanted debris from your mucous membrane. With irritants and unwanted particles, there is a heavier production of mucous. With more mucous production and all of the side effects that histamine produces, the cilia can become clogged. Before long, your sinuses become a stagnant cesspool – which turns into a sinus infection.

Many who suffer from allergies also develop a sinus infection during the summer. Continue reading “Avoid the Allergy-to-Sinus Infection Cycle (And Feel Great This Summer!)”

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