Why You DON’T Want to Conserve Energy

Do you conserve energy? I’m not talking about shutting off the lights or using less heat. I’m talking about conserving your own energy by preventing your body from burning the calories you take in.

You see, if you’re an “energy conservationist,” you’re not utilizing one of the easiest ways to help you become lean and fit.

For example, think about a naturally thin and fit person who has some free time, versus someone less lean and fit who has a few free hours. You may very well see the thin person gardening, cleaning or doing an activity which requires movement while you may see the less lean and fit person watching TV, surfing the net or doing something more sedentary, rather than something more active. If you watch closely, you may very likely see more energy, quicker movements and more “pep in the step” of the leaner/fitter person vs. the less lean/fit. How does this show itself in weight and health? Continue reading “Why You DON’T Want to Conserve Energy”

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