Get the Most Out of Your Repetitions and Your Time

To get the most out of your time at the gym and make sure that your repetitions are effective, consider the following advice. If you are in good health, this is a great breathing technique that has long been used in martial arts and was labeled “Breath Strength” by Bruce Lee (Tsatsouline, 2004). Fill the stomach with a lot of air before starting the repetition and then hold that air in the stomach through at least ½ to ¾ of the concentric contraction (when the muscle is being shortened, such as the way up on a squat or the way down on a lat pull-down). This will keep the core tight for higher performance; keeping this region of the body contracted keeps the low back safe from injury. Continue reading “Get the Most Out of Your Repetitions and Your Time”

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Periodization – What Is It?

When prescribing repetitions and sets, the strategy of periodization is a must. Periodization is the planned variation in training volume and intensity (Fleck and Kraemer, 2004). It is very common with the general population to place an emphasis on a high number of repetitions to “feel the burn,” and there is a popular myth that high repetitions make muscles lean, while high weight with low reps makes muscles bulky. However, that is not completely true. A good comparison to discuss is an Olympic weightlifter versus a bodybuilder. When watching the weightlifting competition in the Olympics, it is remarkable how strong the competitors are for their bodyweight. Even the lightweight elite level Olympic weightlifters can often be stronger than the massive elite level bodybuilders. Continue reading “Periodization – What Is It?”

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