Let’s Talk About Relationships and Health

friendsWho are you spending your time with? Have you considered the connection between your relationships and health?

If you’re listening to people who are negative, critical, pessimistic and judgmental, can you be surprised when you feel deflated, depleted and uninspired? Notice how you feel once this negativity is dumped on you. Not only does it impact you mentally and emotionally, it impacts you physically too! Negative people or “energy vampires” create stress, which suppresses the immune system. When your immune system is suppressed, you’re not as able to fight off invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc. With a suppressed immune system, you’re less resistant to illness and disease. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Relationships and Health”

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Your Friends and…Your Health?

Take a look at your friends and I’ll tell you how you feel. It may sound crazy but the people we spend our time with give an inside view as to how we feel emotionally, mentally and even physically. For example, spend your time with negative, pessimistic and unhappy people and you’ll feel drained, spent and depleted. Spend your time with optimistic, happy, positive people and you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Not only that, but chances are, the positive feelings you have from spending time with those people will carry over and impact both the people you speak with and the things you do long after a positive exchange is through.

If that weren’t reason enough to spend time with a more pleasant bunch, consider this. Rewarding and enriching relationships are good for your health! These types of relationships actually support and strengthen your immune system, which protects your body from breakdown and invasion. Negative relationships have been found to suppress and compromise your immune system, offering less protection and support against illness, even disease.

So with this in mind, steer clear of those “energy vampires” and go have a laugh with some fun friends! Your body and mind will benefit from it.

Are YOUR relationships good for your health? Comment and share!

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