Health Benefits of Pets

paulas kids aWe added a four-legged puffball to our family last week and although it has been a lot of work, the joy she has brought us so has far outweighed the chewing and the accidents. In fact, in most cases having a pet brings not only joy and love, but also health benefits. From weight loss to smoking cessation, lower blood pressure to a more positive mental outlook, having pets in our lives offers many surprising health benefits.

Exercise and Heart Health

A recent study suggests pet ownership can moderate the imbalance caused by diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels Continue reading “Health Benefits of Pets”

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Pet Supplements for Our Furry Friends

dog-catMany of today’s most prevalent health conditions have been directly linked to improper nutrition and poor lifestyle habits. Even small nutritional deficiencies can compromise immunity, vitality, and damage health. Taking care of your own core nutritional needs creates a strong foundation for your body and helps establish a strong foundation to help rebuild, restore and repair your body if needed. So wouldn’t it make sense that taking care of our furry friends in the same way would be just as important? Here are some thoughts on pet supplements. Continue reading “Pet Supplements for Our Furry Friends”

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5 Plants That Purify Your Air

boston-fernAlthough the weather is warmer, many people still spend most of their time indoors for numerous reasons. Some because of work, others to escape the heat. Unfortunately, sometimes your indoor air isn’t the best and may benefit from purifying.

A great way to help detoxify indoor air from pollutants is to have plants in your home. Not only do plants brighten up a room, but certain ones can also help detoxify the air from pollutants. Indoor air pollutants include, but are not limited to, the following.

Formaldehyde: Found in particleboard, paper, carpets, foam insulation, plywood, grocery bags, waxed paper, fire retardants, natural gas, and cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic and can irritate our skin, eyes, nose, and throat, causing itchiness, coughing, and nosebleeds.

Trichloroethylene: Found in varnishes, spot remover, inks, paints, and adhesives. Trichloroethylene is a known carcinogen that, if inhaled, can irritate the nose and throat and harm the nervous system. Symptoms of exposure can include headaches, nausea, drowsiness, and dizziness.

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First Aid for Your Pet

Most people have a first aid kit that includes bandaids, gauze, antibiotic cream and alcohol. But if you have furry friends in the house, you should also think of their needs in preparing a first aid kit. Minor cuts and scrapes can easily be treated at home, but if you fear there may be something else, like a break, take your pet to a vet straight away.

Here are some essentials for your pet’s first aid kit:

  • Homeopathic arnica 200c is an excellent remedy for bruises, contusions, sprains and strains. It helps dissipate bruising and speeds the recovery time. This should be given immediately after the trauma.
  • Homeopathic hypericum 200c (St. John’s wort) has an affinity for nerves, especially in the fingers and toes as well as the tailbone. This should be given if there is any sharp trauma to the feet or the spine (for example, after a fall or if something sharp is stepped on).
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Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Fleas are a given when you have a dog or cat that goes outside. These pesky, microscopic pests cause scratching and itching and great discomfort to your furry loved ones. Regular cleaning interrupts the life cycle of the fleas and greatly cuts down on the number of adult fleas that end up on your pet, especially if you act before flea season begins. So start your program with these nontoxic steps:

a. Steam clean your carpets.

b. Clean and vacuum floors, couches and beds, particularly where your pet hangs out, at least once a week.

c. Wash all linens in hot soapy water. Heat kills all stages of flea life.

d. Give your pet a bath with a natural anti-flea product like Halo Herbal Dip, and then go through their fur with a flea comb and remove any fleas. They are the size of a pinhead and black. When your dog’s fur is wet and soapy, the fleas are less likely to get away from you. Continue reading “Get Rid of Fleas Naturally”

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