Tips to Help With Heartburn

heartburnOver the next few weeks many of us will be sitting down with loved ones, over and over again, to a really big meal(s). Overindulging at your get-together may cause uncomfortable heartburn, gas, and upset stomach in general.

If you suffer from heartburn on a regular basis, you may need to change the way you eat, and what you eat. Fatty, fried, or high-protein foods, alcohol, and coffee are all foods that can trigger heartburn.

Also make sure to chew your food and eat slowly. Eating quickly can lead to heartburn, so slow down and enjoy your meal. Eating too close to bedtime can also give you heartburn; it’s best to allow at least 3 to 4 hours after eating before you hit the sack.

For those who occasionally overindulge, here are some quick and easy solutions that may help with heartburn. Continue reading “Tips to Help With Heartburn”

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5 Life-Changing Benefits of Mindful Eating

mindful-eatingIf you’ve ever given any thought to what you eat, you probably feel that you’re familiar with the term “mindful eating.” While thinking about what you’re putting into your mouth is a great thing to practice when managing your weight, the many daily benefits of eating mindfully can be life-changing! The following mindful eating benefits can make all the difference to your success in:

Losing weight
Maintaining a healthy weight
Living a healthier lifestyle

5 Mindful Eating Benefits

1.  Mindful eating causes you to be aware of how much you’re eating, which in turn, makes you more in tune with your body’s signals. This is important, because your body will tell you when to eat and when it’s had enough. Because you’re paying closer attention to what your body is “saying,” you’ll be less likely to overeat. You’ll eat according to your body’s needs instead of:

A certain event
The clock
The show on TV

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Some Reasons Why You May Be Binge Eating

It’s 3:00 pm. You’re feeling sluggish and suddenly get an overwhelming urge to eat. You start by telling yourself you’ll make a healthy choice as you quickly assess the options available to you. Before you know it, one bite of something sweet and/or crunchy sets you off on a frenzied binge and the rest is all a blur. After a few minutes, you realize this was another attempt to snack… “gone bad.” You feel guilty, frustrated and angry.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. With the best of intentions, many of us binge and the first step is discovering the reason why this is happening. It means looking at your current food choices, your habits, behaviors, emotions, triggers, lifestyle and more.

So, ready to dig a little deeper?

Let’s start with your food choices. If you’re currently eating a high sugar diet filled with carbs and empty calories, it’s no wonder you’re struggling with your food. Sugar, in all of it’s various forms trigger us to overeat for so many reasons.  Continue reading “Some Reasons Why You May Be Binge Eating”

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Avoid Thanksgiving Discomfort

Last year, I posted an article about Thanksgiving Heartburn and offered suggestions to easing the burn naturally. Well, heartburn isn’t the only cause for discomfort over the holidays. Stuffing yourself with turkey, potatoes, gravy and apple pie will make you feel tired and lethargic. The average Thanksgiving day meal comes in at a whopping 3,500 calories! That is more calories than most people should ever have in a day, never mind one meal. And you might be thinking, it is only one meal and only one day, but Thanksgiving is the gateway to a holiday season full of treats, parties and indulgence and you can easily gain 5 to 10 pounds between this Thursday and New Year’s Day.

Here are some tips to avoid overindulging:

1) Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.

2) Take a walk, hike, ride your bike, or use the treadmill – anything for 20-30 minutes. You’ll feel great, look good, and digest your food better.

3) Wait to have seconds. It can take 20 minutes for you to realize you are full. Continue reading “Avoid Thanksgiving Discomfort”

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