Best Supplements for Lung Health

healthy lungsYour lungs are a vital part of your respiratory system, working with other organs to help you breathe – and live. Doing what you can to maintain optimal lung health is important to ensure your body gets the oxygen it needs. There are many factors that can affect lung health, including lifestyle choices, environment and diet.

This guide will share some of the best vitamins and supplements to keep your respiratory system in top shape during the winter and throughout the year. Continue reading “Best Supplements for Lung Health”

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6 Ways to Improve Respiratory Health

breathe deeply for respiratory healthYou need to have good respiratory health to do everything you want to do and live your best life. Your lung capacity affects how well your lungs are functioning, and over time that capacity starts to decrease. There are many things that can impact lung health, such as lifestyle choices, your environment and other factors.

There are always ways to improve your respiratory health, even if it has not always been a priority. Continue reading “6 Ways to Improve Respiratory Health”

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Is Autumn a Good Time to Cleanse?

A healthy body goes through a daily process of cleansing as well as rebuilding. And interestingly enough, if we look at the foods that we harvest in the autumn months, we find a balance between these two aspects (cleansing and rebuilding). We have veggies and fruits ready this time of year that are amazing detoxifiers, as well as those that provide wonderful nourishment and that are cancer-preventative.

So, by using the foods we naturally find available to us in the autumn months, we can take part in a cleanse that will be optimally supportive of the body.

My nutrition training spans Eastern-Western philosophies and traditions. I enjoy drawing on wisdom found in other medical approaches that can often offer very appropriate answers to questions we may not readily be able to address using just the Western model of health and disease.

Why do we get more colds and sinus infections this time of year? Continue reading “Is Autumn a Good Time to Cleanse?”

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