Delicious Broth from Leftover Vegetables

vegetable brothWhat do you do with all those sad wilted leftover vegetables in your crisper? Before you toss them into your compost, think about turning them into a delicious and nutritious vegetable broth. You can use any variety of vegetables in this recipe, and they don’t have to be scraps, if you don’t have them – use any veggies you have on hand.

This broth is perfect to use instead of water when cooking grains such as quinoa or rice, for deglazing pans, and sauteing greens. And of course it makes a great base for soups. Taking the extra step of sauteing the vegetables first adds an extra layer of flavor. Continue reading “Delicious Broth from Leftover Vegetables”

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Dinner Tonight: Leftover Roasted Vegetable Soup

roasted vegetablesThis weekend we cleaned out the fridge and there were some pretty sad looking vegetables in the drawer. We also had an overabundance of tomatoes from my parents’ garden. But instead of tossing them into compost, I cleaned them up and turned those droopy veggies into a yummy roasted vegetable soup.

Food waste has big social, environmental and economical impacts. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that almost 40% of the food produced and distributed in the United States never gets eaten. That works out to an estimated $160 billion in food a year. Continue reading “Dinner Tonight: Leftover Roasted Vegetable Soup”

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