Breakfast Today: Delicious Rustic Muffins

rustic muffinsThese rustic muffins are the perfect food to bring on a long hike or even a camping trip. Throw them in a container and you have a quick breakfast or a pre-hiking snack that will help keep you full for hours.

High in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, not only are these delicious, they are also super healthy. Beans provide both heart healthy fiber and muscle-building protein, plus iron and zinc. Beans are an important source of nutrients in vegetarian or vegan diets. Continue reading “Breakfast Today: Delicious Rustic Muffins”

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Snack Today: Coconut Oat Squares

oat coconut squares bIf you are looking for a tasty and healthy treat, this is it! These coconut oat squares are delicious, perfect for snacks and to throw into lunches, plus they are filled with heart healthy goodness. And kids love them!

Oats are fiber-filled whole grains and may help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and protect against coronary heart disease, as well as some cancers. As if that’s not enough, this power-packed grain also eases constipation and helps control blood sugar levels. Hemp hearts and flaxseed are also heart-friendly foods that provide good fats, fiber and plenty of flavor. Continue reading “Snack Today: Coconut Oat Squares”

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Lunch Today: Artichoke and White Kidney Bean Wraps

artichokesI love white kidney beans. Well, I love all beans. Beans are an excellent source of protein, but they also contain protective fiber. One cup of kidney beans provides 11 grams of fiber. Fiber helps eliminate toxins and, more importantly, slows the release of complex carbohydrates, resulting in balanced blood sugar over several hours.

I also love artichokes. Their low-fat, high-fiber content makes them ideal for supporting heart health, as well as prevention of cancer. Artichokes are a nutrient-dense food, featuring 16 essential nutrients including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Aside from its stellar mineral content, the artichoke is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and folate.

Combine these two foods with a few other ingredients in a whole grain wrap and you have a filling, energy-rich lunch that will help fuel you through the afternoon. Continue reading “Lunch Today: Artichoke and White Kidney Bean Wraps”

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