Saving Big Bucks With Vitamin D3

By now, I hope that we have conveyed how important vitamin D is for our overall health. However, according to  a report published in the March 4 issue of Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, if Northern Europeans were to have adequate vitamin D3 levels, there would be a 17.7% decrease in direct and indirect healthcare costs, saving hundreds of billions of dollars/Euros per year.

The report estimates vitamin D3 supplementation would reduce the incidence of type 1 childhood diabetes by a relative 78%; hip fractures by 26%; all cancer among postmenopausal women by 35%; seasonal flu and common cold incidence by 90%; and overall mortality by 7%. Other studies show mortality rates would be reduced by 10-20%, increasing life expectancy by about 2-3 years.

But it isn’t just Northern Europeans who are deficient in vitamin D3. Americans are also at great risk of vitamin D deficiency. The fear of skin cancer and lack of dietary sources are a couple of reasons that deficiencies are becoming commonplace. This same report states that for every dollar spent on vitamin D supplementation, $20 healthcare dollars would be saved. For more information about how supplementation could save big money, read The Missing Link-In Healthcare Reform.

The previous information was obtained from Bill Sardi’s article A Decade Of Vitamin D Supplementation Would Save $4.4 Trillion Over A Decade; Would Save $1346 Per Person Per Annum.

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