Keeping an Open Mind

open-mindHope you’re having a great week. Here’s today’s tip: stay flexible and keep an open mind. Being open to new ideas, avoiding rigidity and allowing the possibility of doing things differently can put you on a path even better than the one you’d imagined. When we stay rigid and inflexible we can let newer, better and more interesting opportunities pass us by. Sure, you may have done things a certain way for so long, but sometimes it’s worth taking an objective look and asking yourself, “How’s that working for me?”

For example, maybe you’ve been exercising the same way for years – but are you getting the results you want?

Maybe you’ve had certain rules and ideas about parenting. Now that your kids are older, do those rules need to be reevaluated and updated? Continue reading “Keeping an Open Mind”

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Achieve Your Goals Through the Power of Routine

There are certain behaviors that we do day-in and day-out without a second thought throughout our entire lives. Call them habits, routines or whatever you like. Take teeth brushing, for example. Most of us (beyond age 12, or so) will brush each morning upon waking and at night before going to bed. There may be days we don’t feel like it, or don’t feel like we have the time, but we’ll do it anyway, if not an abridged version, because it’s a habit. It would feel downright weird if we didn’t.

That is the feeling we must achieve with our day-to-day habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If a day passes where we don’t get any exercise, it feels weird. We forget to bring a healthy lunch to work one day – weird! Our dinner is devoid of green vegetables – weird!  Continue reading “Achieve Your Goals Through the Power of Routine”

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Are Your Conditioned Thoughts Holding You Back from Success?

Recently, someone said to me “You know Debi, while the lifestyle changes you talk about are simple, they’re not easy.”

So much of what we do each day is the result of ritualistic habit. We barely have to think about so many of the tasks we perform, from which shoe we put on first to the way we brush our teeth. Well, the way we think, feel and act is also the result of habit. If we’re conditioned to thinking negative thoughts, feeling defeated and acting in a way which doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle, changes we hope to make will be more difficult than they need to be. While it may be tricky to start our day by putting on the other shoe first, if we stick with it long enough, eventually it will become natural and easy.

This same approach goes for our thinking. Over time and with consistent effort you can think in a new way which supports your goals. The first step is realizing the old pattern of thinking doesn’t work for you. The next step is coming up with an approach that does.

Which new, healthy habits are you trying to learn?

Comment and share!

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