GMOs: What’s the Real Deal?

About 80% of US processed foods have at least one ingredient with a genetically modified food product like cornstarch, high-fructose corn syrup, or canola oil. The most common GMO (genetically modified organism) foods are corn and soy. Just read most labels and you’ll see some form of corn, soy or other genetically modified food in the product.

What is a Genetically Modified Food and How are Foods Genetically Modified?

When something is genetically modified, genes from one organism are transferred to the nucleus of another organism. This causes the cell to produce new proteins that are unfamiliar to the organism receiving the new material. It’s one of the reasons why someone would develop a food allergy or food sensitivity, which can show itself as a skin reaction, respiratory or circulatory system reaction and so much more.  Continue reading “GMOs: What’s the Real Deal?”

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An Evening With Jeffrey Smith, Author of “Seeds of Deception”

If you’re in the Washington DC metro area, you have a chance to learn more about genetically modified organisms, known more simply as GMOs, on Sunday April 14  from 5 – 7 pm with Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). Hosted in the home of a local couple from McClean, VA, the evening promises to provide insight about the dangers of GMOs and the lack of labeling in this country. Consumers across the US are increasingly concerned that Congress has shielded Monsanto from facing legal action to restrict GMO seeds, found by scientists to be unsafe. Monsanto’s interests are protected, but consumers interests are not.

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) and its founder Jeffrey Smith have been the leaders in consumer education about the health dangers of genetically modified foods, as well as exposing the heavy-handed methods used by the biotech industry to suppress the evidence of harm. These topics are featured in Jeffrey’s latest documentary, Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives, which was awarded 2012 Movie of the Year (Solari Report) and Transformational Film of the Year (AwareGuide Viewers’ Choice).  Continue reading “An Evening With Jeffrey Smith, Author of “Seeds of Deception””

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Genetically Engineered Salmon: Will You Eat It? Will You Know?

The stage is set. After a draft assessment released last week, the FDA has now stated publicly its belief that the genetically engineered Atlantic Salmon known as “AquAdvantage” (or less lovingly, “Frankenfish) is unlikely to pose a threat to the environment and is safe for human consumption. While this approval process has been underway for 15 years, these major hurdles have been overcome only in the last 2 years. Although the official approval is pending, and it may be a couple years beyond that before we see these fish at the seafood counter, it is widely believed that last week’s report marks the final obstacle to be cleared.

With the man-given ability to grow year-round rather than only during spring and summer, these salmon will grow to market size twice as fast as normal farm-raised or wild salmon. In order to mitigate the environmental consequences of such a fish getting into the wild, AquaBounty (the company behind GE Salmon) will raise only sterile triploid females (with 3 chromosomes instead of the usual two) at exclusively inland facilities where there is little possibility for escape.  Continue reading “Genetically Engineered Salmon: Will You Eat It? Will You Know?”

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Robyn O’Brien: What’s Really in Our Food

This video clip of Robyn O’Brien speaking about our food, and what began to happen to it particularly in the 1990’s, is powerful, educational, inspiring, and so much more. PLEASE watch it. Worth every second.

The inspiring Robyn O’Brien will be a guest on our radio show August 21st.  Mark your calenders – it will be worth the listen!

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Genetically Modified Foods: Why Doctors Advise Getting Them Out of Your Diet

Americans have been eating genetically modified (GM or GMO) foods for over 10 years, mainly in the form of corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed oil. Most Americans are unaware that GM foods are a new introduction to the human diet, and that they are guinea pigs in one of the largest food experiments of all time. Because GM foods are not labeled in this country, consumers are not able to make an educated choice and avoid GM ingredients when they purchase food. Continue reading “Genetically Modified Foods: Why Doctors Advise Getting Them Out of Your Diet”

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