Nutrient Depletion: Acid Blockers

One of the most prescribed categories of drugs is acid blockers. These include Pepcid and Prevacid. Used to treat heartburn, gastric (stomach) ulcers, duodenal (intestinal) ulcers, reflux esophagitis, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), these drugs can also have a slew of side effects, many of which are associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Here are some of the nutrients that you may be deficient in if you are taking an acid blocker.

  • Iron – Stomach acid is needed for iron absorption and people with ulcers may be iron deficient due to blood loss.
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Nutritional Support for Infant Reflux

More and more infants and young children are being diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD is characterized by spitting up, irritability during or after feedings, coughing, wheezing, refusing to eat, poor weight gain, and crying when placed on his or her back, especially after a feeding. The conventional approach to addressing infant GERD involves treating with medications such as Prilosec and Tagamet. However, a natural approach to addressing this health concern involves a more comprehensive view and can be very successful.

First, if breastfeeding, it is important to consider the mother’s health because her health influences the infant’s health. What is her digestive system like? Does she have nutritional deficiencies? Does she have yeast? A poor diet? Toxic load? Inflammation? Does she have an imbalance in her healthy bacteria levels? Or, is her immune system under attack due to allergens? Sometimes eliminating dairy or soy from the mom’s diet can significantly help the infant. Continue reading “Nutritional Support for Infant Reflux”

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