Water = Healthy Hydration

The body is composed of over 60% water; no wonder we need to keep hydrated throughout the day! Eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is recommended, however you may need more or less depending on your exercise habits, medications taken and other factors. More than half of your body weight is water weight!

Often we may not even know we’re dehydrated. When you’re feeling thirsty, your body is already in a state of dehydration. Signs of dehydration include tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, irritability, hot flashes, dry mouth, tongue, lips, darker colored urine and decrease of urine output. Babies, young children and the elderly are most susceptible to becoming dehydrated, and should be specially monitored for this life-threatening state of bodily disruption.

With the summer temperatures approaching, always be cautious to make sure you’re meeting your hydration needs. We all love to spend our time outdoors – whether you’re lounging in the warm sun, biking, jogging, roller blading, playing baseball, etc. Before you head out, be sure to grab a water bottle (glass or BPA-free is best) to go.  Continue reading “Water = Healthy Hydration”

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