6 Tips for Healthy Skin in Colder Weather

keep your skin healthy as weather turns coldDon’t wait until the snow hits the ground. Redness, flaking and cracking of the skin can be common during the winter months when temperatures outside are so cold and the indoor air so dry. Start prepping your skin before the itching and drying starts, so you can have soft, glowing skin all season long.

Healthy skin isn’t just about creams and potions… although the right one for your skin is important. What you put in your body, and the environment you are in, also plays a role in hydrating your skin. Continue reading “6 Tips for Healthy Skin in Colder Weather”

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New Skin Care Line: Skincando

I am a sucker for great ingredients and even more of a sucker for a great story. Skincando has both, plus it is made with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Sara Damelio developed Combat-Ready Balm after struggling with acne for years. On her quest for a product to help her problem, she found that many “beauty” products contained toxic substances, including petroleum by-products and parabens. Combat Ready Balm is free of all these harsh chemicals and has helped many who suffer not only from dry skin, but eczema, sunburn, insect bites, diaper rash and blisters.

Operation Sand Flea is a program that Sara started because the feedback she received from our US troops overseas was this: Combat Ready Balm is the only cream that our soldiers have used that calms and soothes their incessant sand flea bites, sunburn and dry skin. So Sara has been donating Combat-Ready care packages to our US troops overseas for over 5 years and continues to do so.

Her line has expanded to include a lip balm, as well as Combat Ready Balm for Kids, which is great as a diaper rash cream.

Skincando also has a more luxurious line for those that are more concerned with lines and wrinkles. The Miracle Cream is a super-hydrating moisturizer that contains vitamins A and E, organic rose geranium oil and essential fatty acids, promising to hydrate the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Skincando Eye Balm contains organic white tea and chamomile essential oil to leave the eye area refreshed and luminous. These two products are made to order, so you have the freshest and the highest quality product.

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What’s Eating Your Child?

If your child suffers from frequent mood swings, ear infections, eczema, allergies, attention issues, or other developmental problems, then we have a must-read book for you! Written by well respected nutritionist Kelly Dorfman, What’s Eating Your Child? reveals the hidden connections between nutrition and chronic childhood ailments while giving parents simple, straightforward tools to understand and solve your children’s problems.

Hot off the press and available at Village Green, What’s Eating Your Child? is grounded in cutting-edge science and filled with many case studies that show that what children eat affects how they thrive. You will also find in-depth information on:

  • The surprising problems caused by gluten-intolerance
  • Why artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar
  • Why soy milk is a poor substitute for cow’s milk
  • How to address sleep disorders with melatonin, hyperactivity with magnesium, and anxiety with fish oil Continue reading “What’s Eating Your Child?”
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How Eczema Changed My Life … For the Better

I took an interesting path to becoming a nutrition counselor at Village Green Apothecary. My story may help others who are suffering from health problems that conventional doctors are unable to help.

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe eczema. I had rashes all over my body, from head to toe. I wore long-sleeve shirts to cover my rashes, and people would still ask me if I had burned my hands and how it had happened. Every day I suffered from pain, itchiness, headaches, and severe fatigue. Seeing one dermatologist was not enough to take care of my problem, so I decided to consult another dermatologist in the area. I gave up after seeing 6 different dermatologists, who just prescribed different strengths of cortisone cream. I asked each of those doctors if I could take anything internally to help my painful eczema. I was told there was no such thing and got a look as if I were crazy to ask such a question.

Cortisone cream was helpful at first, but as my eczema got worse, nothing would really help. Cortisone definitely wasn’t the long-term solution. Finally, I took a nutrition class at my local community college. It was a very comprehensive class on the basics of nutrition, healthy eating, exercising, and managing stress. One day after class, I asked my professor if she knew of anything I could do nutritionally to ease my eczema. At first I thought she was going to call me crazy too, but instead she asked me questions about my diet and lifestyle. Then, surprisingly enough, she said the only way I would get better would be to take certain supplements that my body seemed to be deficient in, due to my poor diet.

Continue reading “How Eczema Changed My Life … For the Better”

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