Pain Awareness Month Symposium

Do you suffer from chronic pain, or know someone who does? If so, you should consider attending this event.

Pain Connection will be having its Pain Awareness Month Symposium on Friday, September 28. “Hope, Help and Healing: Changing the Culture of Treating Chronic Pain” will bring health care providers, people with chronic pain, family members and interested community residents together to learn about the latest research and clinical practices in the field of pain management.

The mission of Pain Connection is to empower people who have chronic pain to improve their quality of life, decrease their sense of isolation, and take a more active role in their treatment. They do this by providing information, psychosocial support, coping skills and training to people with chronic pain, their families and health care providers.  Continue reading “Pain Awareness Month Symposium”

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Adrenal Fatigue: The Working Mom’s Syndrome

I’m about to explain one of the most common, yet one of the most overlooked health problems impacting many women. You’ll understand exactly how and why you’re so tired and why you may be relying on caffeine and sugar to give you the energy you need to get you through your day. You’ll understand why you may have suddenly gained a few pounds, why you seem to be getting sick more often and why you may have grown more impatient. You’ll learn why you may feel like you have “brain fog,” where you don’t feel as sharp or clear as you once did and why you’re forgetting details that in the past were easy to remember. You’ll understand why you lost your sex drive, why PMS symptoms seem to be getting worse, why everyday tasks seem to require more effort than before, why your ability to handle stress seems to be decreasing, and why it’s harder to be productive and stay on task. You’ll understand how and why you “lost your mojo.” Finally, you’ll understand why even though you may have gone to the doctor for one or many of these issues, they didn’t diagnose anything and sent you on your way without a plan or a solution.  Continue reading “Adrenal Fatigue: The Working Mom’s Syndrome”

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The Mind-Body Connection and the Art of Letting Go

It is very easy to live on auto-pilot, disregarding or not paying much attention to the most important aspects of our lives – those that nourish us from the inside out.

Have you ever had a job that didn’t mean anything to you? In other words, you were used to this job, you went every day, you performed your duties, but what you did didn’t really mean much to you? Perhaps it was a comfortable situation, comfortable because it was a familiar job and you did it well, it paid well, and the benefits were good; but this job didn’t really fulfill you; it didn’t really allow you to grow as a person or be of service to others.

Or perhaps you’ve been in a relationship for the sake of keeping up with the status quo. A relationship where you didn’t really feel loved, or one where you were the one not really in love. Perhaps you felt like you had to stay in it for the sake of your children, so that they would grow up with a sense of family structure. Continue reading “The Mind-Body Connection and the Art of Letting Go”

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Tired? Tips For Fighting Fatigue

I am exhausted! By far, this is the most common concern I hear from men and women alike. Fatigue can be very difficult and discouraging to deal with, and also extremely tough to treat because there are so many possible causes including lifestyle, diet, and stress.

The most obvious and seemingly simple reason for fatigue is a lack of sleep. As a general rule, we want to be aiming to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Following these tips, will also help you get a more restful sleep so that you are more energized during the day.

But what if you have a condition that is hijacking your ability to have a good night sleep? Continue reading “Tired? Tips For Fighting Fatigue”

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Morning Cortisol Levels Clue to Chronic Fatigue

According to a study by researchers at Centers for Disease Control (CDC), women who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) start their day with unusually low levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. The study used saliva samples taken as soon as the women awoke, 30 minutes later and an hour later, when cortisol levels typically reach their highest level of the day. The study showed that women who suffer from CFS have a low “fight or flight” response.

One theory for this is that accumulated stress over these women’s lifetimes has had a negative effect on their stress response. This study offers clues into what causes CFS, how to diagnose and treat it, and why women are four times more likely than men to have it. They did not find a similar relationship among men.

Strengthening your adrenals is important in helping regulate cortisol levels.

Here are some tips to help support your adrenals: Continue reading “Morning Cortisol Levels Clue to Chronic Fatigue”

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