Some Reasons Why You May Be Binge Eating

It’s 3:00 pm. You’re feeling sluggish and suddenly get an overwhelming urge to eat. You start by telling yourself you’ll make a healthy choice as you quickly assess the options available to you. Before you know it, one bite of something sweet and/or crunchy sets you off on a frenzied binge and the rest is all a blur. After a few minutes, you realize this was another attempt to snack… “gone bad.” You feel guilty, frustrated and angry.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. With the best of intentions, many of us binge and the first step is discovering the reason why this is happening. It means looking at your current food choices, your habits, behaviors, emotions, triggers, lifestyle and more.

So, ready to dig a little deeper?

Let’s start with your food choices. If you’re currently eating a high sugar diet filled with carbs and empty calories, it’s no wonder you’re struggling with your food. Sugar, in all of it’s various forms trigger us to overeat for so many reasons.  Continue reading “Some Reasons Why You May Be Binge Eating”

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