Build-A-Bump – Optimizing Prenatal Health

build-a-bumpAs a nutritionist, one of my passions is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of my clients. Over the years, I have been eager to learn about and incorporate genomic testing and functional lab testing into my practice to help further personalize diet, lifestyle and nutrient recommendations. So, when I recently heard about a new lab testing program designed to optimize prenatal health, I was intrigued. Called Build-A-Bump, this prenatal testing panel uncovers important biochemical imbalances and nutrient deficiencies so that a woman knows exactly what key nutrients she needs to take, to best support her and her baby’s health. Continue reading “Build-A-Bump – Optimizing Prenatal Health”

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Vitamin D Levels in Moms Linked to Baby Language Skills

A new study out of Australia suggests pregnant women who do not get enough vitamin D could be putting their children at risk of language difficulties.

Researchers looked at levels of the sunshine vitamin in more than 700 pregnant women, then measured their children’s behaviour and language development.

They found that the children of mothers with the lowest levels of vitamin D were twice as likely to experience language difficulties, compared to those whose mothers had normal levels of the vitamin.

One of the reasons for low vitamin D levels is the amount of time spent in the sun, or the amount of time NOT spent in the sun. With concern about skin cancer, many women are also wearing sunscreen to prevent skin damage and possible skin cancer.

So, supplementing with vitamin D3 acts as insurance. I personally take 2000IU per day (particularly in the winter) and both of my children take 1000IU.

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What a year it has been…

My son will turn 1 tomorrow.  ONE!!!!  I know everyone says that time flies and that the first year is a blur, but I didn’t believe them.  But as I sit and reflect on the past year, I do find that it has gone all too fast.  A year ago, my husband and I were impatiently awaiting the arrival of Joe.  And when he finally made his debut, he was this helpless, little baby that just slept, cried and ate! Over the next few months he would add smiling, giggling, sitting and crawling to his repertoire and we would ponder in amazement at this wondrous creature who pushes his boundaries and is not afraid to try new things…whether it be butternut squash, or trying to take that first step. Continue reading “What a year it has been…”

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Tips for the Postpartum Blues

I had Joe 10 months ago. He is my first child and he brings me so much love, joy and excitement…NOW…10 months ago it was a different story. Everyone always told me that nothing could prepare for life with a new baby, especially emotionally, and boy was that true. What surprised me the most was how truly hard everything seemed to be, and in reality it was. Luckily, I had a wonderful support system and doctor who diagnosed me quickly with Postpartum Depression (PPD). PPD goes beyond the blues that many woman experience after giving birth. PPD can last weeks, months and sometimes never really goes away if left untreated.  Continue reading “Tips for the Postpartum Blues”

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