Sitting at a Desk All Day? Here’s a Solution…

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time? Feeling aches, pains and becoming increasingly more unfit as you spend hours working on your computer or watching TV?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize that I spend way too much time…sitting. That’s right, me, who’s constantly preaching about the importance of daily activity, has been spending too much time sitting and a lot less time moving…until now. Here’s my latest solution to being more active while at my desk…

exercise at deskWe are meant to move and don’t do well when we’re stagnant for long periods of time. Think of a stagnant pool of water as opposed to a running stream. The stagnant pool quickly develops all kinds of nasty things in it (very technical, huh :)) while the running stream is brimming with healthy nutrients and compounds. Well, we’re kind of like that, too. Without movement, we quickly accumulate things we don’t need – in the form of extra weight, toxins, an increase in the likelihood of inflammation, etc. Over time, this leads to illness, symptoms, conditions, and even disease. With movement however, our bodies have an opportunity to flush out many of these toxins, our bodily systems are running more efficiently, and we’re teaching our bodies to burn instead of store excess energy/calories. Continue reading “Sitting at a Desk All Day? Here’s a Solution…”

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