Study Reveals How to Help Prevent an Attack by the Common Cold Virus

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A study published in Advances in Therapy has demonstrated that garlic won’t just keep vampires away, but it can also help keep you from catching the common cold.

Participants were either given a placebo or an allicin-containing garlic supplement. Allicin is the ingredient in garlic that gives it its antibacterial properties and according to this research, it may have some antiviral properties as well.

During the 90-day study, 24 colds were recorded in the group given garlic and 65 in the placebo group. The placebo group also took a longer time to recover from their colds compared to the garlic group.

According to the author and one of the researchers, Peter Josling, an allicin-containing supplement can help prevent attack by the common cold virus. Josling also says, “I have been using allicin daily and haven’t had a full cold in over 10 years.”

With cold and flu season upon us, it would appear that taking a high-quality garlic supplement like Allimax® could be beneficial to your everyday routine. Garlic has been shown to have many health benefits, aside from the shortening of colds. It has been used traditionally for bacterial infections, heart health, and recently Allimax® has demonstrated efficacy against herpes simplex type 1 and molluscum contagiosum infections.

Allimax® is available at Village Green or by phone order, and it will be on our website soon. And as always, if you take any medications, consult your doctor before adding an allicin supplement to your nutritional regimen.

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March 2023