Staying Stress Free During the Holidays

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relaxThe holidays are supposed to be festive, fun and a time for family and friends. Yet for many, this season is the most stressful time of the year. Planning meals, vacations, buying presents, and everything else can wear the mind and body down.

Practicing these simple suggestions can help us deal with this potentially difficult time and stay stress free during the holidays.

Practice 10 minutes of deep breathing each day.

Plan some time alone. Read a good book. Go for a nature walk. Color! Research has found positive effects with the use of mindfulness therapy on stress factors in the body.

Get moving. Exercise has been shown to improve mental wellness by decreasing stress and depression.

Have a sense of humor when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Eat right. What you eat can help your brain function better and help keep your mood level.

Supplements can also help alleviate some of the effects of stress.

Multivitamins: A high quality multivitamin rich in B vitamins helps supply basic nutrients that retard the effects of stress. It can also help fill in the gaps from a less-than-perfect diet.

Calcium and Magnesium:  Calcium and magnesium can help relax tight muscles and promote relaxation of the nerves. These minerals are especially helpful if you are prone to tight muscles or headaches. As a bonus, magnesium works wonders for energy production. Also, supplementation of these minerals is helpful for many people who experience insomnia as the result of stress.

Homeopathic Remedies: Kali Phosphoricum is great if you experience “brain fog,” “jangled nerves” or anxiety. It acts as a nerve tonic to relax the nerves and also improves concentration. Take four pellets of the 6X potency three times daily. Nux Vomica is great for those that overindulge in the alcohol department and are prone to hangovers. It is an effective remedy to relieve the headaches, digestive upset and fatigue associated with hangovers. (Call Village Green if you’d like to order these homeopathic remedies.)

Digestive Enzymes: During the holiday season, many of us consume foods that we would not normally eat. We also tend to consume more than we usually do. A full-spectrum digestive enzyme with larger meals or foods that are harder to digest may help alleviate tummy upset down the road.

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