Series: Supplements for a Healthy Pregnancy

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pregnant 1Last week I wrote about some common problems many women experience when they are pregnant, and this week I am going to talk about what supplements you should take for a healthy pregnancy. Things can seem very complex for moms-to-be, but my advice is simple. Eat whole foods and take key supplements to make sure you are getting the nutrients you and your growing baby need. Before taking any supplement, consult with your primary care practitioner.

Multivitamins/minerals: Take a high quality multivitamin/mineral with folic acid while you are pregnant to provide significant benefits for you and your baby. It may help to reduce the incidence of maternal high blood pressure, childhood cancers and birth defects.

Iron: Only one in five women begins her pregnancy with adequate iron levels. Iron deficiency is linked to miscarriage, low birth weight, preterm labor, postpartum depression, and iron deficiency in infants. A 2003 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that using a low dose iron supplement of 20 mg per day from the 20th week of pregnancy onward reduced anemia and iron deficiency at delivery and postpartum without side effects.

Probiotics: Probiotics used during pregnancy and breastfeeding have been shown to improve the immunoprotection of breast milk and significantly reduce eczema in infants for the first 2 years of life. Nutritious whole foods and key supplements can help to support a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Omega 3: Studies have shown that omega 3s are needed for optimal brain and eye development in the baby.

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