Reversing Type II Diabetes

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I have an inspiring story to share about my mom, whom I am very proud of. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes in April 2011 and is currently “diabetes free” due to her hard work and dedication to improving her health. Over the years, there were definite warning signs of a potential diabetes diagnosis. She developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with my sister and had been putting on weight (particularly around her abdomen) for the past few years.

My mom took her diagnosis as a wakeup call. She was determined not to take medication, so she consulted me for diet and supplement recommendations. The first thing we did was revamp her diet and get her eating low glycemic foods, rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, high quality protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. She stopped eating sugar and started preparing all of her meals from scratch. Through her diet changes and daily walks, she lost over 60 pounds and is feeling great. Her energy is better than it has been in years. In addition, her hemoglobin A1c (important blood test used to determine blood sugar control) went from 8.1 to a normal level of 5.3.  And, her cholesterol greatly improved from 237 to 196.

Beyond her dietary changes, my mom has been taking supplements on a regular basis. Her foundation support includes a multivitamin (Pathway Multi Two), fish oil (Pathway Super Omega-3), bone supportive nutrients (Pathway Bone Guardian and Pathway Vitamin D 2000 IU), as well as a probiotic (Pathway Suprema Dophilus). To help with blood sugar control, she is also taking the following – Pathway Blood Sugar Support, Pathway Cinnamon, Thorne PolyResveratrol, and Pathway Vitamin C.

I share my mom’s success story with many people with the hope that they too will feel inspired to make the necessary changes to support their health. She will be the first to say that it hasn’t exactly been easy, especially having to follow a strict diet. But, the thought of experiencing diabetic side effects, such as loss of vision, neuropathy, as well as an increased risk of dementia, were enough to keep her focused. Now that her weight and lab values are stable, she is on a maintenance plan that does allow her to have a bit more freedom with her diet.

If you want more information about supporting blood sugar levels, feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to guide you in finding a diet, exercise, and supplement plan that can help you achieve your health goals.

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