Reasons to Choose a Compounding Pharmacy

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compound labDid you know that Village Green Apothecary has safely provided prescription drugs for over 50 years? And compounding is a big part of that. Our compounding pharmacy specializes in custom compounding of vitamins, minerals and prescription drugs. Individualized compounds are prepared on orders from a nutritionist or physician, like a regular prescription, and offer several distinct advantages over mass-produced bottled products.

One of the most important aspects of Village Green is our pharmacists’ depth of knowledge. They know a lot about nutrition and alternative medicine, drug-nutrient interactions and drug-herb interactions. They can also advise you about nutrient depletions related to particular drugs, including side effects that can be mitigated by replacing key nutrients in the body that certain drugs deplete.

So, what can our compounding pharmacy provide?

• Mass-produced medicine isn’t for everyone, and often pre-packaged dosage amounts and/or forms are not suitable for specific patient needs. Custom compounding can provide accurate, tailor-made dosages, customized ingredients and strengths, so that a compound can be made to fit the need of any patient.

• Personalized services, such as combining several pills into one or changing the form from a pill to a cream or liquid, are the unique abilities of a compounding pharmacy.

• Superior flexibility in how medications and nutritional elements are prepared and packaged.

Some physicians who regularly prescribe individualized compounds include OB/GYNs, family care doctors, allergists, pediatricians and dermatologists. Veterinarians also use custom compounds for their pet patients. Compounds are particularly useful for the following:

Hormone balance – Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance without the side effects associated with traditional hormone therapies.

Nutrition – Your current selection of vitamins and minerals can be compounded and simplified into just the right dosage and your preferred form (capsule, lozenge, liquid, cream, etc.).

Prescription drugs – Your needs may require a compounded prescription free of dyes, preservatives and other allergens, in a custom strength or dose, and the best form for you.

Pain management – Formulas can be tailored for pain and nausea, plus anti-inflammatory preparations for topical use.

Autism/ADHD – Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and also ADHD, have special nutritional and pharmaceutical needs. Compounded therapies may be helpful in decreasing symptoms.

Dermatology – Topical and oral medications to treat acne, scars, psoriasis, eczema and other conditions can be individually tailored with precise medication dosages.

Pediatrics – Most new drugs on the market are manufactured for adults and not children; compounded medications can be made sugar-free, dye-free, modified for taste, or placed in child-sized capsules.

Veterinary – Use a custom compound to make medications easier to administer, provide the proper dosage for a specific animal, and make it more palatable.

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