Quick and Simple Tips to Look Great for Your Next Party

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Recently, a client asked me, “I’m planning a formal party and I’m overwhelmed with details. I want everything to be perfect and I want to look perfect too. What’s the best and quickest way to look great for a black-tie event?”

For those who know me, words like “quick” aren’t usually found with words like “permanent” and the word “perfect” creates unnecessary stress but I gave her a few ideas anyway. Here’s what I suggested:

1. Find time for aerobic activity. It’s a great way to burn calories, lower your stress level and find solutions to some of your party concerns. The rhythmic movement of aerobic activity enables you to become clearly focused and calm; a great mental place to sort out details.

2. For great arms in a strapless dress: Your time is limited so you want to do an activity that gives you more bang for your buck. Push ups work the entire upper body when done correctly. Tricep dips are great for the back of the arms.

3. Eat for sustained energy. Eating nutrient dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals supply your body with quality which shows itself in less bloat, healthier skin and a healthy glow…just as important as finding and wearing the right dress.

4. Next, look for a well fitting but comfortable dress. You don’t want to spend your time readjusting when you could be dancing instead.

5. Hair, makeup, nails, eyebrows, toes, etc. These frilly extras make us feel beautiful.

6.You can also try a little bit of self tanner and/or bronzer. When used appropriately, it can minimize imperfections like uneven skin tone, varicose veins, etc.

7. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. It’s a great foundation for beautiful skin and tone.

8. Laugh, smile, have fun, keep things in perspective and remember why you’re celebrating the event in the first place. Remember, no one is looking as closely at you as you are and everything looks and feels better when wrapped with a smile.

Do you have any tips and strategies to help you enjoy your events? I’d love to hear about them, comment and share!


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